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Thursday, February 26, 2009

my beautiful nieces..

i really miss my nieces lately especially when looking at their picture..i have four nieces actually..but three of them r in uk..sarah, imtiaz, and amani..the only one here in malaysia is tika my brother's daughter..

sarah,imtiaz and amani..

bertuahnye dorg ni...

cute la imtiaz ni..macam maksu..

imtiaz n amani

sarah imtiaz n mama..

hehe..rindunye kat semua..by the way for ur information, there are another 2 nieces/nephews coming..sorg adik tika n another one will be my 2nd bro's 1st son/daughter..harap2 girl again..i don't mind having lots of nieces and no nephew..hehe..we'll see..